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      • Apple App Store's "App Store Essentials"
      • Apple App Store's "Best Apps of 2013"
      • App Pre-installed for iPhones in display in Apple retail stores throughout China

      English Liulishuo App

      English Liulishuo App is an engaging and fun English learning mobile app. It empowers you to learn English efficiently and happily through the combination of advanced auto-scoring engine of spoken English developed in Silicon Valley, professional English training courses, comprehensive learning materials, and well-designed leveled games.

      English Liulishuo App UI

      Real-Time Speech Recognition Feedback

      English Liulishuo App meets and exceeds the expectations of all the users on different levels by simulating various scenarios like business, workplace, daily life, tourism and school...

      Comprehensive High-Quality Content

      You can discover a wide range of hand-picked videos of different genres, each paired with explanation to help you watch and learn at the same time.

      My Story

      • avatar
        Entrepreneur @ Wuhan

        I’ve never found a truly effective English learning course before.

        At the beginning, I started to learn English for better communication with my clients. After comparing some similar products in the market, I found Liulishuo’s highly efficient learning method and business-oriented courses fit me the best. 30-day free trial proved that this course was worth every penny of it. Since my English has improved a lot, I would certainly keep learning with this app.

      • avatar
        College Sophomore @ Guangzhou

        So study could really become a happy thing to do!

        I've joined Liulishuo for 30 days already! With my study hours gradually accumulating, I become more confident with my improvements. We constantly discuss and encourage each other in the classroom group chat, and our instructor would talk to us periodically to check on our progress. So far it has been an inviting and enjoyable learning experience.

      • avatar
        Full-time Mother @ Guangzhou

        I want to be my son’s Supermom

        My son just turned 3rd grade last year, and he started to ask me more questions about English. I wanted to answer his questions, but I couldn’t. I found Liulishuo by coincidence, and it was really the life saver to a lazy person like me. The app was very user-friendly and the guidance was easy to follow. Now I could talk with my son in English every day, and I’ve become his Supermom again!