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      Liulishuo provides professional solutions to English learners. It’s convenient, effective, and feasible.

      Huang Xiangfei · Operation?Director?of?HelloMall?under?HNA?USOLV?Co.,?Ltd.

      The model of “AI+Education” is developing rapidly in recent years. As a pioneer in this area, Liulishuo’s future is extremely exciting.

      Yu Hong · VP of GGV Capital

      Liulishuo remains committed to exploring new models of English teaching, and the app works to provide the ultimate English-learning experience for users.

      Li Chen · Senior Product Manager of Tencent-Class

      Liulishuo's AI English Teacher helps the actors and actresses at our agency practice listening & speaking wherever they are and whenever they need, thus truly expanding their horizons.

      Zou Jian · Vice President of Beijing TongYue Production Company

      • Huang Xiangfei
      • Yu Hong
      • Li Chen
      • Zou Jian

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